Being Socially Responsible means that people and organizations must behave ethically and with sensitivity toward social, cultural, economic and environmental issues. Striving for social responsibility helps individuals, organizations and governments have a positive impact on development, business and society with a positive contribution to bottom-line results.

Alchemy DMC Argentina  strives to support those northern regions in Argentina that really need the attention for basic care and education. In line with our proactive focus, we would like to support our local communities for example in building their own school, giving our kids the right and opportunity of building their own future.

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Join our “Smile Creators” movement, and quoting UNICEF:

“Be one of the companies that aim to strengthen their commitment towards a positive contribution to the world’s communities and environment.
Opportunities include efforts driven by long-term, integrated and multi-faceted partnerships which include both traditional and innovative approaches”

Let’s discuss the way in which your company could help us help others.

Sergio Pizzagalli – Founder & Managing Director


What is Sustainable Tourism?

We can simply define it as the balance between the environmental, economic, and socio-cultural aspects of tourism development principles, to ensure the possibility of its long-term use by future generations.

What is Regenerative Tourism?

This more recent term can be understood as the evolution of Sustainable Tourism, tying its principles to the Circular Economy, encouraging actions not just to minimize the negative impact, but to go on and restore it, providing a meaningful experience (for instance, physically challenging, with an environmental or cultural focus, etc).

ALCHEMY DMC Argentina. Responsible Travel.

According to the UNWTO, Tourism has the potential to contribute, directly or indirectly, to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Following these criteria and convinced that Sustainability is not a trend but a necessity, we are committed to reach meaningful social and environmental positive on-the-ground actions through travel, contacting local partners and properties that have identifiable sustainability and communities policies to include them in our supply chain, promoting experiences linked to the local distinctiveness and aiming to adopt Green Practices in our workplace.

Join us!

“UNWTO is guided by the belief that tourism can make a meaningful contribution to people’s lives and our planet. This conviction is at the very heart of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, a roadmap for tourism development. I call on all to read, circulate and adopt the Code for the benefit of tourists, tour operators, host communities and their environments worldwide.”

Taleb Rifai – Former UNWTO Secretary-General