Argentina and Edelweiss sign agreement to launch new air services from Zurich to Buenos Aires.

At a special press conference held at World Travel Market lead by the Minister of Tourism for Argentina, Gustavo Santos and CEO of Edelweiss Air Mr. Bernard Bauer announced new direct services from Zurich to Buenos Aires. Flights will commence on 7 November 2018 with sales available with immediate effect. Also in attendance at the announcement and signing of the contracts was Mr. Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, Mayor of Buenos Aires. The flights will be operated on an A340-300 which will include 27 Business Class Seats, 76 Economy Max, and 211 Economy Class Seats.

Edelweiss plans to operate ZRH-EZE year round. The summer 2019 schedule might vary slightly but the current schedule is: Wednesday and Sunday 22:30 ZRH-EZE arriving 09:00 – Thursday and Monday’s 13:05 EZE-ZRH arriving 06:30 It is expected the new service will see an additional 33,000 passengers from Switzerland visiting Argentina each year.

Edelweiss is a subsidiary of Lufhtansa Group.

“In other aviation news as we continue to grow the tourism sector in Argentina we are pleased to announce our flight schedules and new services available in Argentina’s many airports. Our programme not only includes new flights, but also updates to our infrastructure which will increase capacity and provide tourists with an exceptional experience when travelling through Argentina.
A new aero-commercial programme that will double the number of passengers by 2019.

Our plans include the growth of Aerolineas Argentinas to a leading industry position, the incorporation of new airlines for more connection alternatives and the transformation of infrastructure and airspace to increase the capacity of Argentina’s airports.

We continue to increase service as we connect to the provinces without the need to transit through Buenos Aires. The new Aerolineas Argentinas hub in Cordoba connects destinations in the north and south of the country, reducing waiting times for connections and lowering ticket prices.

Further to this we are promoting new air routes and the establishment of new airlines servicing Argentina (many offer a low cost option) so we are in a position to continue growing connections and direct flights throughout the country.  135 routes were approved and established last year and there are 505 additional routes requested this year between domestic and international routes”.

Las Salinas Grandes de Jujuy, among the “17 wildest and most beautiful places in the world”

As dictated by the National Geographic website; the news were broadcasted by the local government.

Salinas Grandes de Jujuy was recognized as one of the “17 wildest and most beautiful places in the world” by the National Geographic website, which added the amazing white landscape, located at more than 4 meters of altitude, to the list of tourist destinations of the northern province highlighted internationally.

This was announced by the government of Jujuy to celebrate the mention of Salinas in the publication made by the international organization, which invites you to explore the “perfect trips” with images of the new book of National Geographic: Beautiful Wild Places.

“Jujuy, in the northwest of Argentina, is the country’s connection with the desert: a remote, arid and spectacularly beautiful land”, highlights a brief description attached to a photo in which you can appreciate the splendor of the place and pools rectangular from which the salts are extracted.

The salinas represent “a palette of lights, shadows and colors in constant change that transforms Jujuy into a photographer’s paradise”.
“In this way, the Salinas Grandes, 135 kilometers from the capital of Jujuy, join the town of Purmamarca, the Cerro de los Siete Colores, the Serranías del Hornocal, the summer village of Tilcara and the Calilegua National Park to the list of places internationally highlighted among tourist destinations not only in the province but also in Argentina”, commented from the provincial Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Among the 17 destinations selected for the publication, we see sites from everywhere in the world, including three from Latin America: the Salinas Jujeñas, Mount Roraima in Venezuela, and Southern Peru with its Inca tradition of shearing vicuñas.

Marking the beginning of the Puna region, to the west of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, the Salinas can be visited departing from the provincial capital by the national route 9 towards the north and then by the national route 52 until beyond Purmamarca and the Cuesta de Lipán, thus reaching the extensive sea of ​​salt that covers some 12,000 hectares.