This season, new sector is enabled in Los Glaciares National Park in the Spegazzini area, which can only be accessed with the navigation of the Solo Patagonia dealership. This sector will be accessed with the renewed navigation that we will call from now on “TODO GLACIARES” = All Glaciers (to distinguish it from the navigation Rios de Hielo Express, which has no trekking and is shorter).

The “TODO GLACIARES” navigation crosses the Icebergs Canal, visits the front of the Upsala Glacier, gets views of the Dry Glacier, Peineta and Heim, disembarking at the new Spegazzinni Base, from where you have panoramic views of the Glacier Bay. In this shelter you can have lunch, and from there take one of the two trekking trails specially designed to explore the area with incredible views.  “TODO GLACIARES” will operate on a daily basis (with return to El Calafate at approximately 5pm) while the alternative of Rios de Hielo Express will do so only on odd days (with return to Fte at approximately 3pm).

To all reservations already confirmed with Rios de Hielo, which at the time of booking did not have the option of this more complete circuit we can change them to TODO GLACIARES without additional charge; unless they express to us in a timely manner that they want to also maintain Ice Rivers, in the case of passengers who need to return earlier or have an outbound flight that same day.