The National Institute of Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR) launches a program to promote Argentinean tourism and local cuisine by boosting a gastronomic tourism promotion program.

Alfajores, empanadas , Malbec and “parrillas”  will reach every part of the World!

The Tourism Ministry has announced a new plan called “Cocin.Ar” — a play on words between cocinar (“to cook”) and .ar (the web domain for Argentina) — to map out the various food specialties found in each region of the country and promote gastronomic or culinary tourism: the exploration of food as the driving force behind travel.

The aim of the project is to revalue the cultural-gastronomic history of Argentina, develop cultural tourism and position Argentine cuisine at international levels.

Gustavo Santos, Minister of Tourism spoke extensively about this plan; the first step will be creating a “forum for the planning and development of gastronomic tourism in each province.” The first meeting of culinary experts will take place in the Province of Catamarca. Then, “regional reports, covering strategies, programs and projects to be developed will be drawn.” The third phase will end with “the formulation of the National Development Plan 2017-2027 for Gastronomic Tourism, which will target the development of the Gastronomic Tourism Map of Argentina.”

The map will allow tourists to pick affordable packages that include transportation, accommodation and tours. Santos explained that these different routes will improve not just tourism in each region but other areas such as infrastructure, roads and hotels. Other government bureaus such as the Ministries of Science, Technology and Education will also be involved in developing the project.

“Argentina has great culinary diversity, which is reaching new worldwide heights with chefs like Mauro Colagreco and Germán Martitegui. We want to continue that trend, helping young cheffs with extraordinary potential.”

As part of the Gastronomic Plan, the ministry will provide postgraduate degrees in Argentine cuisine. The program will be 2 year long, and will include both practical and theoretic elements, with the hope that a “new generation of chefs” will promote Argentine cuisine around the world.