Magnificent oasis town of Huacachina, in southern Peru’s Ica region, has been included in a recent The Telegraph publication listing 21 of the world’s most dramatic villages.

“Known among tourists as a sandboarding destination, this oasis is worth a visit for its location alone, hidden amid golden dunes in the desert outside Ica,” reads the photo caption.

Besides Huacachina, the photo gallery includes other 20 impressive villages around the world.

According to The Telegraph, Huacachina is almost entirely a resort town now, and a number of hotel swimming pools can be spotted from the top of the dunes.

“Tearing up and down said dunes in a buggy is also another popular tourist pastime,” notes the piece of writing.

Tourist activities

Extreme sports are the popular activities in the place. Most visitors are drawn by sandboarding, which involves riding across or down a dune while standing with both feet strapped to a board.