November is a month excitedly awaited by the local ‘porteños’ and the tourists alike, since they get the chance to come to the city and see one of its natural wonders occur: the blooming of the jacaranda trees. This tree’s blossom was once nearly named Argentina’s National Flower, but the ceibo tree flower won instead after this was submitted to a vote. Nonetheless, the jacaranda flower continues to be Buenos Aires’ flower, and the city turns blue/purple once a year thanks to it.

Who is responsible for the jacaranda expansion? To know the answer, we must go 120 years back in the past to cross paths with the French landscapist Carlos Thays (whose name is today honored in a park in Palermo). He transformed Buenos Aires visual physiognomy and made it what it is today. The city would look completely different and it wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for Thays. Today, according to the last census, the city is home to 11.000 jacaranda trees.

It is only a short period of time that we have once a year to admire the incredible views of the jacaranda trees coloring the streets; but luckily, weather is extremely nice this time of the year. Everything is inviting us to go for a walk, sunbathe and live our days outside enjoying the fresh air, all meanwhile the jacarandas paint the sky purple blossom for us to admire. Time to enjoy!