Melina Russo and Mariel Pagella from our leisure department tell us about their experience in Puerto Madryn, home of right whales, penguin colonies and traditional Welsh settlements.

The whale season is one of the main attractions that have made this city famous worldwide. From July to December, various populations of southern right whales reach these shores.

Visitors may watch them both on board the boats leaving from Puerto Pirámides and from some natural viewpoints and almost all the beaches bordering the city. When you are in the area, you fell their presence everywhere. It´s magical.

Another must-see is Estancia San Lorenzo, a sheep farm with an amazing breeding colony of Magellanic penguins. The ranch is part of the Protected Natural Area Peninsula Valdes, UNESCO World Heritage Site, and offers a long trail to be able to walk with close proximity to the penguins. It´s incredible to walk so close to them, almost felling like a guest in one of their homes for the season.

Finally, we depart early in the morning towards Rawson, Chubut’s capital city, to enjoy more wildlife. This time is the turn of the Commerson’s dolphins from the port. We sail through river and then open sea until we got the chance to meet this lively and joyful friends. After the navigation we continue the tour to Trelew to visit the Museum for Palaeontology Egidio Feruglio (MEF).  This is one of Latin America’s most important museums in the field where you can stroll through the different geological eras, from the first humans back to the Big Bang.

Then, we continue our trip to Gaiman, a small town which keeps the Welsh heritage at its best! Its architecture, tea rooms and tasty Welsh fruit cake are some of the treasures offered to its visitors.

Do not miss the opportunity to travel back in time and understand the way of leaving, culture and how this people work hard to honor their roots through time.