The new ‘El Impenetrable’ National Park in Chaco, was inaugurated this afternoon in an official ceremony chaired by the cabinet director, Marcos Peña; the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Sergio Bergman; and the governor of Chaco, Domingo Peppo.

“Duplicating the parks surface, as in many other parks in the country, reflects a vision of land development and sustainability. We want to love our country,” said Peña. Also, the governor said that the Chaco National Park is one of the best improvements for this province “to become a tourist spot in the world” so that “whoever comes, would want to come back.”

This all started in 2014, thanks to the relevance of Villavicencio’s marketing campaign (mineral bottled water brand), “Dejá tu Huella: a Reserve for More Reserves”, through which 48 million square meters of endangered Chaco forest were preserved, a law has passed for the creation of this new National Park. This initiative was a historic milestone because it was supported by more than thirty NGOs, companies, the State and the collaboration of civil society.

It is located on 150,000 hectares between the rivers Teuco-Bermejo and Bermejito in the space that was formerly known as Estancia “La Fidelidad”. This project will allow the protection of a great diversity of flora and fauna unique in our country, that includes endangered species like the jaguareté, the tatú carreta and the solitary eagle. In addition, this will open the possibility of tours and visits to get to know its nature and to appreciate the Qom, Wichì and Criolla cultures.