explora El Chalten – Opening 2020

With views to the Electric Valley and the Marconi Glacier, explora El Chaltén will open its doors in 2020. 17 km away from El Chaltén –in the Argentinean Patagonia– the lodge is a headquarter from where to explore a world-renowned destination by those who love nature and trekking.

Patagonia is not a country nor a place. It is a vast territory shared by Chile and Argentina, whose remarkable geography –shaped by mountains, glaciers, lakes, and rivers– offers countless exploration opportunities.

All our programs include accommodations, transfers to and from the airport, meals and beverages, and a selection of exploration routes designed by our outdoors team.

Why explora El Chaltén?

With a unique location, explora El Chaltén is the perfect headquarter from where to visit the amazing geography of the Argentinean Patagonia. We conduct explorations that go off the beaten track and delve deep into the natural surroundings of this region.

Explorations at El Chaltén

To travel through the vastness of the Argentinean Patagonia –from its valley and rivers to its mountains and glaciers– along with our bilingual guides and marked by the seal of the world’s leading expedition company: That is the experience we invite you to enjoy in each of our explorations.

Our rooms

With the typical design of the ancient Argentinean Patagonia estancias, our comfortable rooms are thought to ensure our travelers’ deep rest. They are the perfect place to recharge batteries after a day of exploration.

Awasi Iguazu among Forbes Magazine’s “10 Best Hotels & Resorts Of The Year 2019”

Award-winning travel journalist & bestselling author, Larry Olmsted, gives his lowdown on the 10 Best Hotels of 2019 in the prestigious Forbes Magazine.

“I am reflecting on wonderful travel experiences and revisiting the 10 best hotel experiences I had”, Olmsted writes. “…too much industry focus in on what’s new, rather than what’s good. I’d much rather stay at a great hotel that’s been exceptionally run for 20 years than a sexy new one still working out the kinks, but almost every other 2019 round up is “all new.” My focus is on just the best lodging experiences I had this year that impressed me so much that I heartily recommend them, regardless of price or longevity. Some were properties I visited for the first time, some I’ve stayed at before.”

Among this list of ten, we were delighted to stumble across our very own Awasi Iguazu, our Relais & Chateaux lodge, just 15 minutes from the Iguazu Falls.

“I visited the Awasi location on the Argentine side of Iguzau Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and a truly amazing, Bucket List attraction.” – Larry Olmsted for Forbes Magazine.

Olmsted opens with a bit of context on South America’s best hotels: “One of the most unique offerings in travel is South America’s home-grown groups of all-inclusive luxury adventure lodges. These typically have a full-time staff of highly trained guides and a large slate of outdoor activities to choose from daily, while including first rate lodging, dining and beverages, even wine and cocktails, in the rates. It is basically the African safari lodge model applied to active travel, rather than wildlife viewing, and there are several top operators I have covered here at Forbes in the past, including Explora and Tierra, both of which have multiple properties and both of which I highly recommend, but I had not tried Awasi, which is the most luxurious of these big three, with all three of its locations (the other two are in Chile’s amazing Atacama Desert and Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, one of the most desirable natural destinations on earth) are members of Relais & Chateaux.

“In the style of the very best safari camps, what Awasi does differently is assign a dedicated private guide and vehicle to each of its sumptuous villas for your entire stay, instead of group activities or changing guides, and then ups the culinary ante with really standout food, sommeliers and shockingly impressive craft cocktail mixologists in a remote setting where this is highly unexpected. The resort has just 14 villas, each large and featuring a private plunge pool and large deck. The call their product “truly all-inclusive” and just about the only extra you can opt for is spa treatments, which are bargains compared to just about any other place, and even normal exclusions such as airport transfers (from either nearby international airport, Argentina or Brazil) are included.”

Olmsted finishes by summing up what sets Awasi apart: “The food and drink are exceptional at any price, the guides and accommodations are first rate, and while in most cases, all-inclusive and top shelf luxury accommodations do not go together, Awasi is a delightful exception.”

World’s best restaurant is in Mendoza.

This news has been brought to light yesterday in Burdeos, France, during the Great Wine Capitals ceremonial gala, hosted by the network bringing the 10 most important wine regions on a world scale together.

On top of that, the Golden Awards of the Best of Wine Tourism 2020 contest were announced, during which the Rosell Boher Lodge restaurant – in the recent past weeks awarded with the regional prize to best winery restaurant in Mendoza -, has been crowned best winery restaurant in the entire world.

Located in a winery with over 40 hectares of vineyards, facing no less than the mighty Andes mountain range, the lodge has a 3 bedroom guest house, and 11 “Vineyard Houses”, each with their very own fireplace, jacuzzi hot tub and individual bonfires in their terraces. The restaurant under the leadership of chef Lucas Olcese is working inside the guest house, with the capacity to host 30 eaters. Based on all local and seasonal produce (some of it even originated in their very own organic orchard), and with artisanal pastries, all lunches and dinners are three and six course meals, paired with their own winery labeled wines (Casa Boher); and there is also a special five step menu paired with the five sparkling wines offered by the Rosell Boher brand.

ALCHEMY DMC Argentina Around the World

We will be touring around the World visiting our professional friends and opening new markets.

We are pleased to inform you about our incoming marketing and sales actions:



ITB Berlin
Business: Leisure
From March 4th to 8th 2020
Attendee: Melina Russo


IMEX Frankfurt
Business: MICE
From May 12th to 14th 2020
Attendee: Veronica Deges


Business: MICE
From May 27th to 28th 2020
Attendee: Sergio Pizzagalli


Business: Leisure – High-End
From June 8th to 10th 2020
Attendee: Sergio Pizzagalli


Eminence Canada Trade Show
Business: Leisure – High-End
June 2020
Attendee: Melina Russo


USA Sales Calls for MICE
Business: MICE
July 2019
Attendee: Verónica Deges


FEEL Latin America – Australia-(Melbourne – Sydney)
Business: Leisure – High-End
From August 4th to 6th 2020
Attendee: Sergio Pizzagalli


OTDYKH International Russian Travel Market
Business: Leisure – High-End
From  September 8th to 10th 2020
Attendee Alexander Belov


IMEX Las Vegas – MICE
Business: MICE
From September 15th to 17th 2020
Attendee: Sergio Pizzagalli


Luxperience – Australia
Business: Leisure – High-End
From October 12th to 15th 2020
Attendee: Priscila Mills


M&I Forum The Americas 2020 -Punta Cana
Business: MICE
From November 1st to 4th 2020
Attendee: Sergio Pizzagalli


IBTM Barcelona
Business: MICE
From December 1st to 3rd 2020
Attendee: Sergio Pizzagalli


ILTM Cannes
Business: Leisure – High-End
From December 7th to 10th 2020
Attendee Sergio Pizzagalli

Carlos Melia joins ALCHEMY DMC ARGENTINA & CHILE Sales Partner for the United States territory & LGBTQ+ segment globally for the Leisure & HIGH-END business.

Meet Carlos Melia, ALCHEMY DMC new Sales Partner for the United States and Global LGBTQ+ Sales Partner

A native Argentinian, with over 28-year career as agent and supplier to travel agents across the globe, Carlos is an ideal partner as ALCHEMY DMC expands into the USA.

After many years of working with the region, Carlos has a great understanding and comprehension of the South American market. His well rounded knowledge of luxury and experiential travel services, combined with solid key relationships with suppliers and experiences, makes him a true destination expert on Argentina and Chile.

Carlos holds a BA in Hotel & Restaurant Management. He is a founding member of Belmond Hotels, Trains and River Cruises LGBT Advisory Board; a founding member of the Travel Agents Luxury Advisory Board for Bürgenstock Selection first class Swiss hospitality; and will be joining the VIRTUOSO Preview Advisory Board for Cheval Blanc Hotel Paris, part of the LVMH group.

With Carlos’ addition to our team and his proven expertise in catering to the Global LGBTQ+ segment, ALCHEMY DMC is proud to join him on welcoming LGBTQ+ travelers to the region. In 1990, living in Buenos Aires, Carlos launched the first openly gay inbound travel agency, promoting Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. In 2008 Carlos moved to the US and founded Luxury Gay Travel Network, a site and network connecting mainstream luxury travel and hospitality suppliers to leading LGBTQ+ travel professionals and press around the world. Visit www.lgtnetwork.com

Today Carlos is a citizen of the world living in New York City. He travels extensively, curating the world of Luxury Travel & Lifestyle, one destination at the time. His Instagram, and blog, CarlosMeliaBlog, are ranked among the “TOP 100 Luxury Travel Blogs”.

For many exciting opportunities in the South American market, contact Carlos Melia:
E-mail: carlos@alchemydmc.com / US Phone: +1 917 754 5515